Glass Onion – A Knives Out Mystery
Glass Onion-A Knives Out Mystery

Glass Onion – A Knives Out Mystery

Set Dec Art Director

  • Executive Producers: Ram Bergman, Tom Karnowski
  • Director: Rian Johnson
  • Production Designer: Rick Heinrichs
  • Production company: Lionsgate, T-Street

Feature Film

Detective Benoit Blanc returns to analyse more eccentric colourful suspects as part of a brand new case as he jets out to Greece to peel back the layers of a baffling murder and uncovers a whodunnit mystery packed full of Hollywood ‘A’ listers.

  • Starring: Daniel Craig, Kate Hudson, Edward Norton, Kathryn Hahn, Ethan Hawk, Jessica Henwick, David Bautista, Janelle Monáe, Leslie Odom Jr. and Madelyn Cline.


Project Overview

My role on this production was as set dec art director, working closely with American production designer Rick Heinrichs (Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Planet of the Apes, Sleepy Hollow and The Big Lebowski) originating bespoke furniture and realising huge light installations to his definitive design brief.

I was also an integral part of the set decorating team led by set decorator Eli Griff; sourcing, organising, and striking deals on specific products/prop set dressing direct from hirers, suppliers, manufacturers or product placement companies. Plus oversaw the design/make of key props featured in the Glass Onion Main set.

Examples of Bespoke Furniture

Glass Onion Office

Originating a collection of extremely high spec furniture scripted for one the featured sets became one of my main tasks on this project. With the brilliant talents of Belgrade based 3D Artist Milan Krstic, we modelled several versions and construction methods to meet the brief of production designer Rick Heinrichs.

The final designs were then passed forward to Stage One, a UK company who can manufacture and make anything if realistically possible, though absolutely rise to any impossible challenge which was everything these concepts presented. So the end result was nothing but exceptional.

Lighting has always been of interest since my days working on numerous TV light entertainment shows where this element was an essential factor to consider when designing a set within a studio or for an event on location. This experience includes an understanding of major LED installations, extensive Vari-Lite rigs, and complex stage lighting.

Imposing lighting elements were required in three separate areas of the main set, so I was given the assignment to create one on a grand scale cleverly using resources found locally, another by configuring a series of LED tubes artistically, and lastly one tailored from an existing fixture produced by an exclusive European company who created custom-made designs on a large budget.

Examples of Light Installations

Glass Onion Pollux Light
Glass Onion Cloud Light
Glass Onion Helix Light

Examples of Set Dressing/Prop Makes

These images show how both furniture and lighting integrated into the overall picture of the main set. Many of the makes, upholstery, fixtures and fittings were driven, guided and monitored by myself, selecting options for all the materials throughout the build timeline to final completion.

In collaboration with a skilled Serbian team that consisted of carpentry, metalwork, prop/model making, sculpture, drapes and upholstery workshops, plus an army of scenic painters, an amazing array of set and prop dressing were produced, and local set dec assistant Sonja Nenadic was instrumental in this process.

Glass Onion Lounge Area
Glass Onion Conversation Pit
Glass Onion Main Set
Glass Onion Conversation Pit 1
Glass Onion Main Set 3
Glass Onion Moodboard-7
Glass Onion Sunlounger
Glass Onion Poolside
Glass Onion Drinks Trolley
Glass Onion Porsche Drinks Cooler
Glass Onion Poolside Furniture 2
Glass Onion Andys Villa
Glass Onion Dukes Villa
Glass Onion Birdies
Glass Onion Moodboard-12
Glass Onion Yacht

Together with Key Supervisory Production Buyer Terry Jones on a buying trip to Greece, we collated a photographic portfolio of authentic architectural elements, high-end furniture for hire, a range of luxurious prop dressing for purchase and a hand picked collection of furnishing fabric samples for consideration.

Through some very knowledgeable contacts that Terry made, we were able to get to places that would have been impossible to either find or access alone. This allowed us to be extremely efficient with the limited amount of time available to source several requests made by both production designer and set decorator.