TV and Comedy Portfolio

TV and comedy production has been my main body of work up until recently and the projects below represent the breadth of my capabilities across these areas. They include; prime time entertainment, situation comedy, stand up, sketch shows, chat shows, music shows, awards shows, quiz shows and a very well known children's show.

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Teletubbies - TV and Comedy

Teletubbies Children’s TV Pre School Series

(BBC1 – 365 x 25 minute episodes)

Series Art Director, Title Sequence Designer and Creative Consultant on house style/branding

Teletubbies became a worldwide phenomenon for both young and old that received critical acclaim for the surreal colourful landscape in which iconic characters Tinky Winky, Dipsy, La La and Po inhabited.

  • Producer: Anne Woods
  • Director: David G Hillier/Vic Finch
  • Production Company: Ragdoll Productions

British Comedy Awards

(ITV Network – 1 x 120-minute live event show)

Production Designer

Hosted by Jonathan Ross, an annual awards ceremony where the world of British comedy celebrates another year of achievements together.

  • Producer: Michael Hurll
  • Director: Alisdair Macmillan
  • Production company: Michael Hurll Television
Comedy Awards
John McHugh Design - Be Creative Design - Background

Clive Anderson All Talk

(BBC1 – 36 x 45 minute episodes)

Production Designer

Late-night chat show featuring interviews with top entertainment celebrities and notable personalities hosted by Clive Anderson.

  • Series Producer: Dan Patterson
  • Producer: Anne Marie Thorogood
  • Director: Geraldine Dowd/Paul Wheeler
  • Production company: Hat Trick Productions

Surprise Surprise

(ITV Network – 24 x 60-minute episodes)

Production Designer

Series reuniting families, featuring a mix of celebrity appearances and musical performances, hosted by Cilla Black within a 360° set including bespoke designed audience seating.

  • Executive Producer: Michael Hurll
  • Series Producer: Chris O’Dell
  • Director: Jonathan Bullen
  • Production company: London Weekend Television
Surprise Surprise
Moment of Truth

The Moment Of Truth

(ITV Network – 12 x 60-minute show)

Production Designer

Primetime game show series hosted by Cilla Black where competing families attempt to master a specified task to win major prizes.

  • Executive Producers: Nigel Lythgoe/Michael Hurll
  • Producers: Rob Clark/Chris O’Dell
  • Director: Derek Wheeler
  • Production company: London Weekend Television

Dave Allen

(ITV Network – 1 x 60-minute show)

Production Designer

Comedy royalty Dave Allen in a one-off special, recorded at the Mermaid Theatre in London.

  • Executive producer: Bill Cotton
  • Producer: Nick Symons
  • Director: Tom Poole Production company: Noel Gay Television
Dave Allen
Comedy Club

The Comedy Club

(ITV Network – 12 x 30-minute shows)

Production Designer

Late-night comedy series featuring the best stand up acts on the circuit, recorded at the ‘Windmill Theatre’ in London and hosted by Jeff Green.

  • Executive Producer: Michael Hurll
  • Director: Peter Orton
  • Production company: Michael Hurll Productions

Slap! Love, Lies and Lipstick

(CH4 – 7 x 30-minute episodes)

Series Production Designer

Sitcom series following the events and lives of two female singletons working in the Beauty section of a Department store, where cupid strikes his bow in a nearby restaurant with two male tellers from the local Bank.

  • Executive Producer: Barry Lynch
  • Director: Charlie Hanson
  • Production company: Prospect Pictures
Slap Love Lies And Lipstick
Jim Tavare

Jim Tavaré Sketch Show

(CH5 – 8 x 30-minute episodes)

Production Designer

Sketch show starring Jim Tavaré and featuring Ricky Gervais co-writer of the series, consisting of 40 different studio sets with a number repurposed plus 35 dressed locations. The main presentation stage is shown above

  • Executive Producers: Richard Allen-Turner/Jon Thoday
  • Series Producer: Phil Bowker
  • Director: John B Hobbs
  • Production company: Avalon Television

The Diet Coke Movie Awards

(ITV Network – 1 x 90-minute show)

Production Designer

Movie awards show sponsored by Diet Coke hosted by Jonathan Ross with performances from Westlife, Beautiful South and Gloria Gaynor.

  • Executive Producer: Michael Hurll
  • Director: Ian Hamilton
  • Production company: Michael Hurll Television
Diet Coke Movie Awards
Kelly Chat Show

Kelly Chat Show

(UTV – 240 x 60 minutes)

Production Designer

Celebrity interviews and performances hosted by one of Ireland’s most popular TV presenters Gerry Kelly.

  • Producer: Patricia Moore
  • Production company: Ulster Television (UTV)

The Jerry @trick Show

(CH5 – 6 x 30-minute episodes)

Series Production Designer

A magic series featuring Jerry Sadowitz acting out in a raft of comedy sketches and conjuring up some of the most mystifying card tricks known to mankind

  • Executive: Producer Lisa Clark
  • Producer: Crispin Leyser
  • Director: Peter Orton
  • Production company: London Weekend Television and Ronin Entertainment
Jerry Sadowitz At Trick
Jerry Sadowitz Vs The People

Jerry Sadowitz Vs The People

(CH5 – 8 x 30 minutes)

Production designer

Topical comedy chat show series starring Jerry Sadowitz who meets the public to answer their questions and concerns.

  • Executive Producer: Humphrey Barclay
  • Producer: Crispin Leyser
  • Production company: London Weekend Television

The Christmas Show

(ITV Network – 15 x 60-minute shows)

Production Designer

A daily magazine show and seasonal series hosted by Eamonn Holmes and Tess Daly stripped across two weeks, featuring reviews/celebrity interviews/performances and location reports in the build-up to Christmas.

  • Producer: Nick Bullen
  • Production company: ITV Studios
The Christmas Show
Move On Up

Move On Up

(36 x 30-minute show)

Production Designer

Daytime quiz show hosted by Richard Morton where contestants have to correctly answer questions to get into poll position for a chance to win a cash prize.

  • Producer/Director: Mike Mansfield
  • Production company: Mike Mansfield Television

Dance Energy

(BBC2 – 12 x 40 minute episodes)

Art Director

Youth music series featuring top-selling music artists of the moment with comedy sketches sandwiched in between and hosted by Normski and sidekick Vas Blackwood.

  • Executive producer: Janet Street Porter
  • Producer: Danielle Lux
  • Director: Hamish Hamilton
  • Production company: BBC North
Dance Energy
Jeremy Kyle Text Santa

Jeremy Kyle’s Christmas Special

(1 x 60-minute show)

Art Director

Talk show Christmas makeover for Jeremy Kyle’s Text Santa special, which included decorated trees for the main set and holding areas plus a Santa’s Grottos.

  • Producer: Simon Paintin
  • Director: Matt Woodward
  • Production Company: ITV Studios


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